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This could be a horror film


Well, it was quite a journey to mid-Wales from Lancaster. In mileage terms it’s not that great a distance but with a stop for lunch and a couple of dog and dad stops along the way, it took the biggest part of 5 hours.
The scenery through North Wales into mid-Wales is stunning. Nearing our destination, we decided to stop off in Llandrindod Wells, a Victorian Spa town. Both dog and dad needed treats. We found a street that was like stepping back in time. The shop frontages were a throwback to their original Victorian splendour. There was a general store, an olde worlde sweet shop and others and many had old fashioned bikes or penny farthings or Victorian dresses in the window. A printing shop had the old fashioned printer’s blocks in the window but further inside, large Apple Mac widescreen monitors. As we neared the end of this street, two women in full Victorian outfits crossed the road and then two more. They were heading towards a small park containing a bandstand surrounded by many more in Victoriana garbed splendour. Still not entirely sure what was going on, we both commented that it felt just a little weird. Like being in one of those films where the weary unsuspecting travellers suddenly find the villagers are not quite what they seem. A bit like Stepford wives or children of the corn. “You’re not from round these parts are you?”. Any minute now they’ll be chasing us down the street with blazing torches and pitchforks.
Oblivious the strangers and their dog approached the throng around the bandstand. A female town crier in full ceremonial dress is just announcing, in reverse order obviously, the winners of the “dress your kids up as town criers” fancy dress competition. The winner is declared to rapturous cheers from the crowd also in fancy dress, followed by the cry of “death to the strangers and their dog”. Well, if it had been a film that’s what would’ve happened next.
The out-of-towners and their cute canine companion would have been chased into the spa park through the wrought iron entrance and down the labyrinth of paths surrounded by huge dark foreboding trees. All joking aside, the park was lovely with streams, a mini-waterfall, a cafe and everything.
After a lucky escape we resume our journey to our destination and finally arrive at our holiday lodge park which will have to remain nameless to protect the guilty as will become apparent later. The park is gorgeous. It’s in a valley surrounded by trees and has a river running through it. The lodges are of an older style to the modern UPVC wood lookey likey ones you see advertised for sale in the Sunday Newspaper Supplements for the same price as a decent sized 3 bed detached house in suburbia. The lodges are well spaced on decent sized plots and therefore quite private. All have decks surrounding them and many proud owners have adorned theirs with hanging baskets and lots of plant pots full of begonias and fucias and the like, all very colourful.

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